Guest Seminar by Captain Joshi

Seminar on perspectives by Captain Jay Joshi

Our college was highly privileged to have a seminar by Captain Jay Joshi who enlightened the girls on the topic of perspectives. He spoke to students about very important and interesting concepts like understanding other people’s point of view. He told students that they are right in their way because of their understanding of a particular situation. Captain explained students to believe that nobody is ever wrong and the decisions taken by people are always based on the opinions.

He gave students the golden rule, to never feel anyone as wrong. He made students understand the importance of perspectives and how they should work around it. He gave various solutions to tackle different kinds of problems especially if related with people. This was a very important business ethic which was explained by captain in a very simple way. He gave students various examples of perspectives and students were extremely delighted at the seminar held by him. He’s also an author of the book, 'Two Sides of the Same Coin'.

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