Workshop on Edible Cutlery

Workshop on Edible Cutlery by FYBMM students

College conducted an edible cutlery seminar for the girls in order to grab attention on how much waste gets created because of plastic and non edible cutlery.

What happened to your eating utensils after your last meal? Chances are you probably left them behind, or threw them away in a nearby trash can if they were made of plastic – but now, thanks to a new product from India-based startup Bakeries, you could soon be eating your spoons just as easily as you ate your lunch. Edible Cutlery, as its called, is an upcoming line of plant-based eating utensils that are totally safe to eat. Students were taught the value of edible cutlery.

This seminar was conducted for the girls to understand how to make cutlery like bowls, spoons and cups from chocolate and rice flakes. It really created awareness and made the students understand how such initiatives can save the environment.  Students were given various options with which they can make edible cutlery and save the environment with proper health care.

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