BMM Seminar on Career Guidance

BMM Seminar on Career Guidance

On 4th August, 2018 a seminar for BMM was conducted by Mr. Amir Ahmed. This seminar was on the various career options in media. Sir guided the students on how to use education optimally and also gave students options on how to explore more opportunities in the mass media field. This seminar helped students in 5 major things:

  1. Helped students to their determine strengths and weaknesses

  2. Goal Setting for better employment Results.

  3. Identifying Choices in Careers according to student interest.

  4. Educational Support and Guidance.

  5. Job Search Support.

The college had organised this seminar because there are many benefits of career counselling which the institution considers. There are numerous choices of jobs available for students today, and it is highly possible for the students to be in the state of confusion. Keeping this arising situation in mind, college decided to conduct this seminar with the help of BMM expert Amir Ahmed sir. He spoke about almost every course and highlighted the pros and cons of each course. This really helped the students to understand the dense media markets and helped them to set goals.

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