Personality Development Workshop

Workshop on Personality Development

On 3rd August,2018 Our college had conducted a personality development seminar for all the FY students. The girls were in conversation with prof. Shilpi Dey in regards to grooming, presentation and communication skills. The teacher gave students tips on successful and impactful communication. They also spoke about various mistakes which often people make while speaking. Students were also informed about the right body posture and the right tone of voice. Students were enlightened about the various forms of communication one should remember like different ways of talking in offices, corporates and many such formal places.

Not just the topic of communication was highlighted but also the topic of confidence was discussed. Students were told that confidence is the key to success. The girls were told to be empowered and be brave with confidence for future endeavours. The session was very interactive and this helped the students to open up and discuss their doubts with teacher. This seminar was very helpful to girls as it is a much needed topic for budding children. This seminar was enjoyed by the students and they got an opportunity to learn something fruitful.

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