Talent Hunt Competition

Talent Hunt Competition 2018

‘Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment.’ Our College has organized many competitions to support “Women Empowerment Week”, Youngsters have an ocean of hidden talent amongst them and it was displayed at B.L. Amlani College of Commerce & M.R Nathwani College of Arts on 28th September 2018 at “Talent Hunt” Competition.

Student of College have participated in the talent hunt competition with enthusiasm. The main reason behind organizing these competitions is to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and remove the fear of stage among students, which helps in personality development too.

The students were full of confidence and enthusiasm prior to their performances. The competition included following categories: Debate, Elocution, Essay writing, Power point Presentation, Poetry recitation & Poster making Competition. Mrs. Parul Mehta mam, Dr. Yogita Mandole Mam, Mr. Basukinath Jha sir were the judges for the Talent hunt activities.

Many students displayed their talents by influential speeches, creative and artistic presentations that left the audience spellbound. At the end of the Programme, The Judges had a brainstorming session over the neck-to-neck performances to come to their judgement. The function ended smoothly with vote of thanks on Positive note.

Winners of the Competitions:

1.      Debate Competition: 1st Prize:  Renim Mumshi – FYBMM & Cean Soares- FYBMM

2nd Prize: Rosellle Henriques – TYBAF & Kinnari Tanna- FYBCOM

2.      PPT Presentation Competition: 1st Prize:  Monica Purohit – TYBMS


3.      Poster Making Competition: 1st Prize:  Laxmi Chauhan- SYBCOM

2nd Prize: Manasi  Matal- SYBMM  & Divya Pancholi - FYBBI

4.      Poetry recitation Competition: 1st Prize:  Kinnari Tanna - FYBCOM

    2nd Prize: Priti Chaudhari- TYBCOM &   Renim Mumshi – FYBMM

                                                     3rd Prize: Shabnam Patel-FYBMM & Mansi Gondiya- FYBMM

5.      Essay Writing Competition: 1st Prize:  Avishna Patel- SYBMS

           2nd Prize: Rani Ruchi Sharma - FYBMS

6.      Elocution Competition:         1st Prize:  Diksha Fartiyal- TYBMS

             2nd Prize: Nupur Somani- TYBMS & Karia Pal ( SYBCOM)





Total Amount


Rs. 9,000 (1,500x6)


Rs. 5,000 (1,000x5)

Rs.14,000 (9,000+5,000)

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