Juhu Cleanathon 2018

Juhu Beach Cleaning Drive 2018

After the Ganpati visarjan on 18th & 24th sept 2018 where a huge number of idols were immersed in the sea, as a repercussion the beaches across Mumbai have been heavily polluted. Students  of B.l.Amalni college & Rajani soundation have taken up an initiative to clean up the Juhu beach, Mumbai. They had also invited other citizens to participate in the clean-up drive.

An active participant of the drive said, "The lord we pray for ten days they are under our feet and it feels sad when we pick up the trash across the beach as it is not fair for the marine life. We should take a responsibility towards preserving the marine life."

​ It was realized that,after celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi for 10 days we really need to see what we have done to the beaches and the environment. It is always feasible to use non-plaster of Paris idols because they negatively affect the marine life.

Around 100  students who have participated in the drive, to clean the heavily polluted beach. Despite the ban on plastic usage in Maharashtra plastic products were found on beaches. The ban on thermocol was not lifted which is also widely used in pandals that also contributed in massive pollution. 

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