Study Tour

Aurangabad Study Tour

An industrial visit to Aurangabad was organized by B.L.Amlani college from 22nd November, 2018 to 25th November, 2018. College had prearranged national study tour during the national heritage week for enriching students’ knowledge by conducting an outdoor visit. This tour was led with some objectives which included knowledge to learners about their country, exposure to industrial corridors of the country, awareness of glorious history and heritage of India. Students were emphasized to learn about management skills, teamwork and leadership skills. On the first day, post breakfast, students and teachers visited Ajanta caves for an entire day followed by a scrumptious lunch and dinner. The second day started with a very informative conference on “Incredible India”. After the conference, students had lunch and set out to see the very famous water mills of Aurangabad. On the same day, students visited BiBi Ka Makbara monument which is one of the Historical monument in the country. From there students visited World famous Ellora Caves where in apart from carving they also observed the by gone era’s efforts taken by craftsmen to carve the Caves in one of the hardest rock i.e. Basalt. The night shimmered with lights and fun as it was DJ party for students to put their dancing shoes on. After an eventful second day, students were excited to proceed for the third and final day’s journey. On the third day students visited the Historical Daulatabad fort. There they saw the restoration work and procedure for restoration work in progress carried out under the able guidance of Archaeological Survey of India. Post the fort visit, students proceeded for lunch and then commenced their journey towards home. The students returned home with smiling faces, more knowledge and beautiful memories.

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